What are bio sculpture nails?

This type of gel involves a one-step application system to enhance the natural nail. It is applied straight onto the bed and cures under a UV light. This method leaves the nail stronger than other methods like acrylic or normal gel, resulting in a naturally glossy, chip-free, and flexible finish.

This treatment is thicker and lasts longer than other treatments and it helps the natural nail underneath to grow. In addition to this, it won’t damage your nail like other enhancements do because bio gel doesn’t contain any strong bonding ingredients.

Can last up to 3 weeks ideal for those special occasions such as vacations or weddings. When it comes to applying it, training is incredibly important for getting the best results. We’ve found the best salons in Swansea who are committed to and undergone the training to ensure that everything is applied correctly and safely.


If you’re intrigued by the bio sculpture gel nails contact one of the listed salons and leave a review!