Benefits of a pedicure

Having regular pedicures keep your feet looking beautiful, they also help keep our nails trimmed and skin moisturized. Treat yourself to a pedicure and see the results for yourself.

1.  Appearance –  Having pretty polished toes can make you feel more confident, especially when wearing open-toed sandals. 

2.  Dry skin – Your nail technicians will exfoliate your feet resulting in softer skin.  

3.  Nail health – Trimming and buffing your nails not only helps them look nicer but also helps stimulate blood flow. Blood carries important nutrients which are important for the health and growth of your nails.   

4. Relaxation – Some pedicures include a foot massage which can be relaxing and help you de-stress.  

 6. Colours – The above pedicure experts have a vast amount of colours for you to choose from. Your nail technician will apply a base coat to protect your nail bed from getting stained.  A top coat will also be used to help lock in your colour and help it last longer.

 7.  Feel confident –  The most important benefit of a pedicure is the feel-good factor.  After a pedicure, it is amazing how your feet can make you feel good about yourself and give a confidence boost, along with feeling relaxed and de-stressed.