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Are you wanting to look healthy and radiant for a special occasion? Visit one of the best tanning salons in Cardiff to get a radiant streak-free tan.

Having a spray tan is the only way to get that bronzed look without UV exposure.  Skin that is overexposed to UV rays can be prone to ageing, sunburn and other skin conditions. Too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous.

A natural spray tan means:

  • evenness of chosen colour
  • no streaks
  • natural-looking
  • fades naturally
  • contains no harmful substances
  • no tan odour


Having a spray tan has psychological benefits and makes us feel more attractive and confident. A tan will also help nourish your skin as the spray contains nourishing and hydrating ingredients including oils, vitamins and moisturisers.

Look great all year round whilst hiding blemishes including varicose veins and stretch marks. The colours offered range from light, medium to dark. The medium is the most popular shade, but if you would like a deeper tone ask for a double spray.

Book an appointment with one of the listed tanning salons in Cardiff.