Eyelash extensions are carefully applied by a beauty technician who hand-glues each individual lash to your natural lashes. These eyelashes are not strips and look natural and real. If cared for, they can last for up to 8 weeks until your natural eyelashes eventually fall out.

Different salons use different extension materials which will suit your budget and overall look. Many salons use mink, silk, synthetic and faux. Your beauty technician will be able to create bespoke individual eyelash extensions to add extra volume to your natural lashes.

Adding volume and length is the key reason for getting eyelash extensions, they make your lashes appear fuller and darker, and have the option to choose natural lashes or more fuller lashes.

You will save time and bid farewell to mascara, and will also not have to curl your lashes or add length.

Eyelash extensions will make you appear more awake and youthful, they will make your eyes pop. Lengthening your lashes gives the appearance of an eye lift which gives a younger and fresher appearance.