Eyebrows are currently a huge beauty trend thanks to Instagram and Pinterest. Skin, eyes and lips are also important, but eyebrows remain the focus. How you choose to shape your brows can have an impact on the rest of your face. Perfectly shaped brows can help highlight your eyes and lift your face.

The above beauty salons offer a range of eyebrow treatments throughout Cardiff, these include:

Microblading has revolutionized eyebrows over the past few years. This treatment offers excellent versatility that adds fullness, definition and tone to even out eyebrows. Microblading involves using small needles that add hair-like lines onto your brow area, similar to tattooing. However, the results are semi-permanent and many agree the treatment is comfortable. This treatment is used to fill in patchy eyebrows, create a bolder brow and add definition. It is ideal for those who have overplucked their brows over the years who now want better-looking brows.

Tinting is also a popular eyebrow treatment, which enhances your natural brows. The semi-permanent dye will add tone and colour creating a fuller looking brow.

Threading is a form of hair removal involving tin threads, twisted to gently pull hair from the roots. Threading is popular due to its precise long-lasting results.

Waxing is another popular choice and is an alternative to threading. It works by carefully applying wax to the unwanted hairs and pulls the hairs out when the paper is pulled away.